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(Written 2017)
I live in Australia, Brisbane with my very clever and fabulous husband Steve and 3 amazing and gorgeous children that challenge me every day, and I am heading towards a big life year number.  This project has been building for many many years so thought it was about time I did this now – sooner rather than later.  I would like to thank my family for putting up with me over the last 18mths as I gave up work to follow this dream for a while.

In a nutshell and I am sure my family will concur – I try to simplify things and make everything perfect and I guess that is why I have spent a lifetime swimming upstream with the aim to try to make sure that others don’t have to.  That has been my driver for just about everything I have ever done and is essentially why you are now reading this.

Having being blessed with a brain split 50/50 logical and creative I have had to keep a balance to feed my soul which looking back has led to living a double life.  One life as a professional business woman with a Business / Media / IT degree, previously working in IT training as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and over the last 15 years as an IT Prince 2 Project Manager.   At the same time leading my creative life, building a myriad of skills from the day I was born, having been born into a very creative family.  I have a thorough understanding of all things fibre with my study and teaching experience of textiles, carding, spinning, weaving, embroidery, crochet and knitting.  Then there is the little thing over the last few years of running a Bridal and formal alterations business from a home studio and consultation room.


Which means I get to bring all my lifetime skills of creation and sewing knowledge to the table just for you.

Essentially it has been my love and passion of all things Thread that has compelled me to stay energetic along the path and to be honest has forever been my saving grace, and I am grateful for that and give thanks to my family for putting up with my obsession, smiley face.

This site is focused on the wonderful process of sewing clothing (as the process is something I love just as much as the finished garment).  Clothing that is as perfect as you can make it, that fits the body in the best way possible for fit and suitability.  Sewn with quality, care and love to suit the person they have been made for and to be worn as part of a very loved wardrobe of clothes.  I would like it to be the one Go To place you can come to that covers all your needs to make fabulous garments for yours or others wardrobes.

Today we have information overload and for any sewing level of expertise - beginner to advanced this can be a saviour or a hindrance as there is a sea of options, contradictions, opinions and techniques to trawl through that can drain your time and money.  I have spent a lifetime of study and improvements perfecting at every turn, and searching out the best techniques I can find, learning from others and taking it all on board like a sponge, from the basic sewing stitch to couture sewing skills and picking through the techniques and opinions whilst making all of my mistakes along the way.  Many of the current books and web resources are disconnected and only deal with one small part of the sewing picture at a time and not linking to the next unit which can be confusing if you don’t know where to start or where you should be heading to improve and build on the skills.  My vision is to take the topic of sewing garments to reiterate information in a presentable and organised way with my Project Manager head on.  To enable others to find the right and proper navigable workflow path through the quagmire to give a complete picture from start to end with lots of the pain removed.  But to also take care that it is done in a creative way to allow for learning and personality and concepts to come forward.  No mean feat (I like a challenge!).

If you are driven to sew whether you are a new starter, intermediate or an advanced sewer take a look at the Threadelicious Knowledge Base of instruction and Workflow aimed at the home sewer.  I will blog and add content to this each month to build up the Knowledge Base further and I have faith that with everyone's positive support to keep me on track that I can switch my career path over as most women with these skills dream to do.

I can’t help but feel that these skills are not seen to be important skills in today's Western world throwaway culture, unless you do this for a living and are in the industry.  Well I don’t know about you but I need to feel that these skills are really respected for any gender and I don’t feel that we are there yet, within our own communities and families let alone in the wider world.  We are amazing at what we do and the best thing is with today’s technology we can all learn new things.


I understand that I am now putting myself out there and this challenge scares me as my professionally trained $ life has been in IT.  But I do not negate my learning no matter where it comes from and I will continue to learn and invest my time in these proficiencies to my final breath I imagine.  This is where I am right now and I will endure to raise the bar and I hope my power of attraction brings me kindness in return.

I hope, like all the wonderful scholars I have taught over the years that I can get you motivated, inspired and giddy about your creations, get you set on the right track, keep you focused, save you time and money and enable you to be proud of making clothing you will love to wear.


But most of all I hope that whilst we live in world that highlights every detail in excess, the good and the bad I hope you’re sewing uplifts you every day and feeds your soul and brings you balance.

I dream that You and every Thread is seen as perfect just as they are, to be relevant, to be a piece of art, to be loved and appreciated and cherished.  I want you to feel that way too.

Amanda Goldsmith

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