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Bridal | Gown Shopping Checklist

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As the days go by I file little bits of information that I become aware of somewhere deep in the brain thinking yes that can be added to a blog at some stage. However there comes a time when it all has to come out onto paper to 1. get it all out of my brain and 2. just to help others, and luckily I have my Theadelicious blog to collect it all in.

One topic that has particularly caught my eye recently is some of the issues my brides are bringing in when they come to my studio for alterations/redesigns with their newly purchased wedding gowns.

Some of these issues could have been dealt with in the store or seem at first sight to be common sense but as these issues come in to me time and time again it seems to me that this information is not really out there and it could be useful for brides as a checklist of what to look for when making a purchase for their dream gown.