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A Designer/Seamstress Point of View

I have been holding this in for quite a while, but I am not sure I am doing anyone any favours keeping it all to myself. You might want to grab a drink before you read, you might need it!

Getting the words down on paper for this particular concern is problematic because is causes me quite a lot of unease and discomfort if I am honest, so although I want to send out positive information and messages on this blog this issue stems from my own distress and I know I am not alone as a designer/seamster with these issues to deal with on a daily basis.

I have touched on this issue many times because I believe that everyone should be paid a decent wage for what they do, especially if they are bringing skills and experience to the table. But sadly, when it comes to garments, we are in a world where there is an expectation of anything for a low price bargain, without any concept of what that means t