Live - April Project | Body Form Adaption

This Project is now live for all members of the Threadelicious ThreadBox.

A Project for you to work on showing how to adapt your Body Form to your size.

It is always difficult to make tailored clothes to fit your own body if you don’t have a friend at hand to manipulate the fabric for you on your own body.

Here is the next best thing!

If your Body Form closely replicates your shape then it is a little easier and of course you can also create them for your clients, friends or family too!

This it is a great Project to do and is highly recommended for anyone making their own garments, even a beginner will be able to do this after working through the required modules.

You will need to have worked through each Module up to and including Module 4 in order to understand all terminology and to have completed and fitted a Base Template Test Garment in order to proceed with this Project.

You can find this Project stored with all of the other Projects when you have subscribed and you log in.

If you have only just arrived with us this may wet your appetite and is a Project to look forward to!

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