[Module 2] Capsule Design | 1. Collect and Review Documents Required

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

It is recommended to download the following list of documents to use prior to starting this Module.

You can collect them from the Auxiliary Reference Downloads page.

  • Master Client Sheet. A Downloadable form to help keep all client information in one place, also useful to get the client to sign when agreeing a design ready for sewing, or to sign at each stage to say that they are happy with the service so far. The template offered as a download is a starting point to collect data.

  • Style Sheets. Preferably the marked copy with preferences from the previous module Seasonal Wardrobe Assessment.

  • Croquis Templates (Optional). You may wish to experiment with drawing your own, print them out actual size then you can scale down photocopies to suit your requirements.

  • Sewing List Table. A list that shows all items in the Capsule and the sewing priority.

  • Mood Board Sample. Online sample for reference.

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