[Module 4] Create the Base Template | 5. Draft the Front

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Please ensure that you read the last Unit because it will help you get through this more technical unit faster and more acurately!

Drafting Below the Waist

Step 1

Draw a line parallel to the left edge of the paper LENGTH WAYS approximately 1- 2 inches from the edge.

Hint - I simply line up my ruler with the edge of the paper and draw the line along the other edge of the paper for 2" or move the ruler until the edge of it is 1" away from the side of the paper, then shift the ruler up to extend the length of the paper.

This line is going to be called the Centre Front so label it somewhere in the middle.

Step 2

With the paper laid with the Centre Front line on the left, at the bottom of the paper draw another line perpendicular and squared off from the Centre Front line, again 1" to 2" inches away from the bottom of the paper.

Hint - I line up my ruler with the bottom edge of the paper and draw along the other side along the length of the ruler, you can extend this line across the page. But double check that it is accurately squared off from the Centre Front line.

This line is called the Lower Hip Line so label it.

Check the measurement of the Front Lower Hip from the calculations table off your measurements sheet then measure this out from the Centre Front along the Lower Hip line marking the measurement with a pencil line. Remember to use your measurement not mine! Look my pen is pointing to the mark!

The side where you have just placed this mark will be the side of the pattern so label this side as the ‘Side’. (You can see that at the moment the work 'Side' has been written and floating around a little for now). But this marking will help you with orientation and give you some bearings immediately.

Write down the measured amount for the Front Lower Hip next to the Lines label.

Step 3

Find the measurement for the Lower Hip Depth off your measurement sheet.

Measure up from the Lower Hip along the Centre Front line and mark this measurement on the Centre Front Line and note down the measurement (you can use abbreviations if it is easier when labelling lines).

Step 4

Draw a perpendicular line at this mark squared off from the Centre Front Line, this will be for the Waist, draw it a couple of inches longer than the Front Waist measurement actually is.

Label this line as the Waist and write down the Front Waist measurement and the Front Waist Dart width measurement.

Step 5

Calculate Front Waist + Waist Dart and write this down also.