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Now Live -Auxiliary Reference Information | Sewing | Closures

Latest update - Auxiliary Reference Information for Sewing Closures, Zips is now online and available for all members free of charge!

One of the benefits of signing up for membership is not only to get access to the full course ware but you also get access to an ever growing library of Online and Downloadable Auxiliary Reference Information.

Next month a Unit will be added to show you how to sew the main types of closures for a garment including sewing an invisible zip with a straight forward step by step approach, 3 different button installations, press studs and a couture way to sew your hook and eyes.

These Auxiliary Reference Units will help you to expand your sewing skills and are useful to review prior to following some of the sew along sample garments in Module 8 but they are also really good to use as Mini classes whenever you have some spare time but don’t want to start a new project.

Use them as reference material just to remind yourself how to do something.

Watch this space as more will be added so your investment into the course ware will just keep on giving throughout your twelve month subscription!

Love and Light

Amanda Goldsmith

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