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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Update - Watch the live video here

Also an addendum. After viewing the video back I did spot a math's mistake, apologies!

Also I would like to add something that I did miss to do with Darts (ref 52.58 on the video and 1:13 30), when you get to the point of trueing up your pattern when you are looking at redrawing your darts, if you really cut up your darts quite a bit and redrawing will take out space from the pattern then just go ahead and redraw it and any excess you will need to add back in on the side (forgot to show you how to add in at the side!). So for example if you had to redraw the shoulder dart and it would take up space within the pattern by say 1/8" you can always add a little sliver back on at the end of the shoulder to make up for the loss. Likewise if you needed to add in a little for the waist dart you would add in at the side and for the bust dart you would add in at the base of the pattern in the side (you would simply do the reverse if you needed to take it off). Can I blame those mistakes on the menopause..... yes I can! Oh good!

Happy to explain this further to anyone.



Put this date in your diary - Friday 18th June at 10:00am Brisbane Time, on....

I am going to run a free, Facebook Live session to explain how to grade a pattern up or down. It will be a simple session, easy to follow, focusing on a simple Bodice and Skirt template.

You would usually want to do this if you have lost or gained weight on a pattern you already have tailored to your body or used previously, or the pattern you have bought simply does not come in your size. In this session we are solely looking at grading but I will explain all of this in the session.

If you are a Threadelicious ThreadBox member you already have access to this Training documentation in the Projects area so feel free to read the Unit and have a go.

I have recently been asked this question a couple of times so think its worth running through it, and also for my lovely Alabama Chanin friends who are interested and are following this thread.

If you want to work along with me you will need a file, link below, you will need to print off the whole file, all 4 pages and the Front Bodice in particular at least 3 copies of that page.

The file is of a mini base template, and working on this will save time and paper rather than working on a full size pattern

Alternatively if you have a specific pattern in mind you wish to grade collect the pieces together and have it with you, I recommend that you trace off all of the pieces to keep your original intact and you will need to remove all seam allowances.

Of course you could just simply watch!

You will also need;

  • a ruler (preferably a quilters see through 2" wide ruler , I do work in inches),

  • a French Curve if you have one,

  • scissors,

  • 3 different coloured pens, and perhaps a pencil

  • some tape (preferably scotch magic that you can write on)

  • a large sheet of paper (a couple of A4 sheets taped together should do it).

This will be my first live workshop (so I ask your forgiveness in advance!) and I don't have a full video setup so it will be done on best efforts to get the information across as clearly as possible.

I will go as slow as needed so you can all follow along so at this stage can't tell you how long it will take - I'm happy to go with the flow, but its not rocket science so it should be pretty straight forward.

So while you wait for me to get my act together collect your items in readiness and watch this space for further information!!!

Here is the link to the page with the template pages that you will need to download.

Mini Drafting Templates Short Version
Download PD • 330KB

Don't forget to like the Threadelicious Facebook page and let us know on the Event that you are going or interested (pinned to the top of the Facebook page). It will help get the message out for anyone interested. Many thanks.

I'm excited to meet you all!

Love and Light


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