Zero Waste | Project 1 - Wrap Skirt

As part of the Threadelicious commitment to investigating zero waste clothes and also aiming to extend sewing skills in our community we are proud to present the launch of our very first Project, The Wrap Skirt Booklet and Kit.

This has been a project a few months in the making and if successful will hopefully be the first of many Kits and Booklets available for the home sewer to consider this concept for themselves.

Investigating garments with zero waste means using no patterns at all rather the skirt is made using a variety of design choices and a Threadelicious Green Table concept. A myriad of different skirt designs can be made and the whole process is described in the booklet and it works for all body sizes.

The style of skirt although very simple in concept is extremely varied depending on the design choices that you make and obviously the fabric chosen.

The booklet can be purchased separately from the Kit and explains the materials and tools required, design ideas, a Threadelicious Green Table concept to work out measurements, construction advice and stitch information. There are also free design sheets to help with creativity and notes.

If you purchase the full kit you will have in addition very good quality fabric with natural fibres in order to make the skirt and some other tools/materials provided such as a marking pen for the fabric, press studs for closure, needle and thread etc.

The Zero Waste Wrap Skirt will be launched at the Moreton Bay Arts Market on 3rd August.

If you have kindly supported us by purchasing a Kit or Booklet from us online or from a recent event then we thank you for supporting our small business.

If you have purchased a kit and need help or have questions then please contact us through the contact page on the website or via our page on Facebook.

One last thing, please send us photos of your creations so that we can show the world how clever you are!

Love and Light

Amanda Goldsmith

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