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What is on offer at Threadelicious...

There are now a number of new ways to subscribe to Threadelicious and the Threadelicious TheadBox the following information describes your options and whats available.

Bronze Membership - Two Month ThreadBox Trial, Access to the First Two Modules.

Gold Membership - An Annual Full Unlimited Access to the ThreadBox, including support online.

Platinum Membership - For Membership Renewals, Discounted Full Annual Membership.

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All current members - your membership stays the same until your renewal date then you can renew at a highly discounted rate as a Gold Member.

For Bronze, Gold and Platinum Membership Read on to find out about the Threadelicious ThreadBox.....

For the price of 2 or 3 coffees a month you will get.....

Access to an online box of knowledge you will find a growing result of a lifetime of sewing study, research testing and practice, presented in a way that will enable you to progress through your own journey without having to find your own navigation path as it is very clearly mapped out for you.

What is provided here is a tried and tested workflow path with the journey starting at reviewing garments in the wardrobe to the end product of quality beautiful garments that you have designed made yourself and are proud to wear.

If you have a desire to learn to sew and can follow instruction then you can sew perfect clothes, yes really – I promise you.  I believe we all just need to know how, what order to do it all in, what quality tools do we need to use without spending an arm and a leg, and what is really important without getting bogged down with a multitude of options and opinions and web sites and videos to trawl through.

All you will need to do is commit your time throughout the year to working through the ThreadBox Online modules step by step, and at your own speed.

Is it possible to have one Go To site that covers the best way to make good fitting garments for a Capsule Wardrobe and that is crystal clear about the journey and instruction from beginning to end, without being piecemeal and disconnected?  I would like to think I am on the right path, or at the very least that is what my intentions are.

I have made an extra special effort to write in a way that is clear and concise to avoid misunderstanding - a skill I have learned patiently from many years of IT training manual writing and Project Management documentation.  So I am confident that everything will be easy for you to follow.


If you have never sewn anything before I hope you find this site gives you the best starting point you could hope to get with hand holding along the way.  The ThreadBox will give you lots of extra Auxiliary Reference information for you to dip in and out of along the journey that other more experienced sewers may not need or that can be used as reminders.


If you already have the joy of sewing in your life I hope it helps you sew more mindfully to allow for the love and confidence to grow and fill in any gaps of knowledge you may have whilst saving you time and money.

As you may appreciate creating a site like this takes an enormous investment in time but you will have all the resources you will need to know to start creating garments.

So join me in this journey and lets see what you can achieve!

The longer you stay the more information you are going to have access to at no extra cost in the year, like a continuous sew along.

Extra to the Threadelicious Threadbox access you will also get access to an FAQ and Customer Forum that will grow over time and I will provide Customer Support to hold your hand if you have a questions as you work through the Units.

You can only work through the Modules and Units in the system online on laptop or computer these pages are not available on a mobile device due to the involvedness of information and photos.

Check out Threadelicious Facebook to get some insight to what is in the ThreadBox.

Before purchasing any Subscription or Service from Threadelicious please review the Terms of Use at the bottom of this page.

Subscription is the same price as good quality dress would cost you on the high street.  Leave the dress and instead sign up here and make your dress with me!

I cant wait to see what you will create!

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